The IoT Benchmarking consortium gathers academics from the low-power wireless networking community worldwide.

The community has put a lot of effort in building testbeds and tools to enable realistic experimental validation. Yet, a standardized evaluation methodology is still missing!
An ideal benchmark would

  • Provide a set of tools and practices for performance evaluation
  • Enable fair comparisons between new and existing approaches,
    even when code is not openly available
  • Enable repeatability of experimental results

Our vision is to raise the bar in the quality of experimental data, and provide researchers and engineers in both academia and industry with an objective view of the strengths and weaknesses among existing protocols.



In the spotlights

3rd Workshop on Benchmarking Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things


Everyone dressed up for the social distancing benchmarking;-) Work in progress done by the IoT Team @DigiCatapult and Michael Breza from @AeseLabs. The results will be presented #CPSIoTBench 2020! So come join us if you're interested:

... The results will be presented at #CPSIoTBench 2020 in a few weeks!

The workshop will be held virtually, so come join us if you're interested!

Oh BTW! CPS-IoTBench 2020 uses @openreviewnet for review and publishing.

It is 2020 people 😉

Interested in benchmarking CPS, IoT systems, or other embedded or networking solutions? Consider the CPS-IoTBench Workshop!

Co-located with @ACMMobiCom in London, UK
Orga: @marcozimmerl @RMarfievici Michael Breza, Carlo Boano and myself

Deadline: 15 May

Contiki-NG v4.3 is out! Stability and security improvements, added support for MPL, improved GPIO HAL, and a new logo. See more at

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