CPS-IoTBench 2021 – Program

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The workshop papers are published in the ACM DL. The links from this page provide free access to the papers in perpetuity from the workshop date.

All times are Nashville time (GMT-5)

9:009:05Opening Remarks
Chair: Pat Pannuto
9:0510:30Tutorial: Supporting Replicable Networking Experiments with TriScale
Presenter: Romain Jacob
[ Tutorial resources ]
10:3010:45Virtual coffee break
10:4511:45Paper session 1
Chair: Michael Breza
∎ Reproduction of “evaluating adversarial evasion attacks in the context of wireless communications” and “convolutional radio modulation recognition networks”
Kyle W. McClintick and Alexander M. Wyglinski
[ Paper ] [ Video ]
∎ Benchmarking data dissemination protocols for opportunistic networks
Anna Förster, Thenuka Karunathilake, Jens Dede, Asanga Udugama
[ Paper ] [ Video ]
∎ A UCSD view on replication and reproducibility for CPS & IoT
Alex Yen, Bryse Flowers, Wenshan Luo, Nitish Nagesh, Peter Tueller, Ryan Kastner, Pat Pannuto
[ Paper ] [ Video ]

Panel discussion with the authors (20′)
11:4512:00Virtual coffee break
12:0013:00Paper session 2
Chair: Michael Baddeley
∎ Automatic energy model generation with MSP430 EnergyTrace
Daniel Friesel, Lennart Kaiser, Olaf Spinczyk
[ Paper ] [ Video ]
∎ Performance of deep neural networks on low-power IoT devices
Christos Profentzas, Magnus Almgren, Olaf Landsiedel
[ Paper ] [ Video ]
∎ Performance of support vector regression in correcting UWB ranging measurements under LOS/NLOS conditions
Michael Stocker, Markus Gallacher, Carlo Alberto Boano, Kay Römer
[ Paper ] [ Video ]

Panel discussion with the authors (20′)
13:0013:15Awards and Closing
Chair: Marco Zimmerling