CPS-IoTBench 2023 – Camera-ready instructions

Camera-ready is due March 15, 2023

To prepare the camera-ready version of your paper, you need to do the following:

ACM eRights and final submission

  • Authors will receive an email regarding the ACM eRight process to fill out the copyright form.
  • After authors complete their e-Rights forms, they will receive a separate email from ACM TAPS (tapsadmin@aptaracorp.awsapps.com). This will contain instructions on uploading your source, supplementary, and auxiliary files for processing.
  • This instructional video on the new ACM TAPS workflow contains useful information


  • Page limit: The final camera-ready version should include at most 6 pages of technical content (including figures, tables, and references. The pages should be single-spaced, 8.5" x 11", with 9-pt font size.
  • Template: Please use the ACM Primary Article template (https://portalparts.acm.org/hippo/latex_templates/acmart-primary.zip). Use the MANUSCRIPT option to generate a single-column version of your draft (\documentclass[]{acmart}).
  • All figures must have \description{} commands, defining the "alt-text" used by screen readers.
  • See here for more details on general ACM template instructions: https://authors.acm.org/proceedings/production-information/preparing-your-article-with-latex
  • After completing the ACM eRights form, you will receive another email from rightsreview@acm.org, which contains the commands that need to be inserted into your final LaTeX file to generate the proper rights statement and Bibstrip data.
  • Please do not use \begin{minipage} or other commands to make Figure 2 page as the ACM TAPS will convert your paper to a 2-column format after submission.

Submitting the Camera-ready Version


In case of any questions or concerns, please contact Ramona Marfievici or Michael Breza via HotCRP.